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We pride ourselves in providing friendly service and quality vehicles at competitive prices.  On this page you will find e-mails from customers expressing their appreciation for our great prices, service, and/or quality of our vehicles. You will also find a few responses to customers that we just couldn't satisfy and decided to post bad reviews on Google.

If you have purchased a vehicle from us and wish to share your story, please send us an e-mail so we can post your feedback for our future customers.

James Molinari

Unsatisfied Customers on Google and My Responses: James Molinari (Not his real name, he lied) My Response: "James" was informed of an oil leak on the truck before he bought it and we took it to our mechanic who has fixed these leaks on these very trucks before to have it checked prior to the purchase. I told "James" that we would fix the leak, but he said he wanted his mechanic to do it. The cost is ~$200 to fix this so he bought the truck and I sent him a check for $200 to cover the expense. His mechanic charged him more than $200, I'm not sure what else was determined that needed to be fixed. He never shared that information with me, just complained and wanted me to pay for everything to make the truck perfect....or to recoup the big down payment he needed in order to get the finance company to buy the loan. There were no engine noises, coolant leaks nor overheating issues during our possession of the vehicle. We did not hide any issues as he stated and are surprised to hear of any additional items needing repair beyond the oil leak from the oil pressure sending unit for which we reimbursed him. He had horrible credit and we helped to get him into the truck that he wanted when no one else would. No gratitude retued as you can see in his complaint below... His Complaint: I purchased a 2002 GMC Denali Yukon XL back in April 2013. Prior to being bought, it had several major oil leaks. The mechanic the owner recommended to look at it said it was a $2.00 fix but in reality it was over $1,400 in damages, the mechanic refused to repair anything on the truck because he claimed "there was nothing wrong with it.". Michael (the owner of auto obsession) said if we wanted ANYTHING fixed on the vehicle WE had to pay out of pocket despite the warranty. Every seat in the vehicle is heated except the driver seat because it was broken and still is. The vehicle has an overheating problem. The vehicle came with a 15-day warranty that was NOT honored in any way. there is anti freeze leaks everywhere and he hid them somehow. he put marvels mystery oil in the engine to hide the engine noises that we didn't know about until we did an oil change. this guy is a RIP OFF ARTIST and anyone who buys something from him is just as dumb as we were. we are now stuck with a $10,000.00 car note and cant do anything about it. go through a car dealer if you don't want to get screwed and want a real warranty, DO NOT USE AUTO OBSESSION IN PHOENIX THEY ARE LIARS!!! Allison Paolone (Unknown Caller): My Response: I do not recall this phone call. I save all prospects in my phone log and never had this name in my log. I run the business by myself and do close early and open late sometimes, and gosh I even take vacation with my wife every once in a while. I'm doing the best I can as a small business owner that works without salespeople and lot attendants to manage the lot when I am not around. I apologize for any inconvenience that I cause to people when I am not around. My business is just not quite the same as a big dealer and I hope to make as many happy customers as possible as a result. I do disappoint people with my availability and that is why I always suggest appointments. With my lack of memory of the call, I can't imagine how such a short interaction would make someone so mad as to post such an angry online review. I guess I just need to be nicer to people on the phone. I'll work on it, so thanks for that feedback at least. Her Complaint: Bad service, Called about a car and he was very short and not very helpful. Also stated he was headed out for the day and couldn't meet, (closed early) and didn't even ask if I wanted to schedule an appointment (which his web page insists he's all about service). Horrible service and I'm sure the people who posted probably know the guy.

Melvin, Very Happy Retired Vet

Michael, Big thanks for my best auto buying experience ever yesterday June 25th. I truly enjoyed the whole quick and easy process from the start to the finish. My 2002 Toyota Rav 4 was an exceptional buy because of its outstanding condition and the best (lowest) price in the nation. Your doing the little things that were big to me showed the high value you have placed on customer satisfaction. I especially appreciated your swapping of the wheels and tires from my trade to the new SUV. You made me feel like big VIP with your constant respect and courtesy and the speed getting those small things done. You shall be my favorite auto dealer: the dealer to go to first, last and always when the thoughts of buying an auto begin. Again thanks a Grand for everything. You are a True Pro!

Tim B., Insurance Specialist

I enjoyed working with you and found the whole experience top rate. I would recommend your company to others.

Ryan Jones from Vancouver, WA

So keeping it short. I live in Vancouver WA and was looking at a car at Auto Obsession. I called Mike and asked if I could have a friend come test drive the car? Mike said Yes. Mike was professional and made sure he gave my friend a full run down on the car and pointed out things he didn't even see. Even though I bugged Mike for multiple days in a row, Mike answered every question and made it seamless. There was a cap missing on the door handle and Mike order the part for me at no charge, Have to say by far the best car buying experience I have ever had.

Jake Ashby from San Diego, CA

Michael at Auto Obsession truly delivers on his promise to "provides customers with a simple car buying experience at competitive prices." Throughout the entire car buying experience he was nothing but helpful and I could really sense his passion for cars come through in our interactions. I went to Michael for my first car, a 2001 Toyota 4Runner. He searched tirelessly to find me my perfect starter car, which I am still currently driving 5 years later without a problem. I recommended Auto Obsession to my brother who has since bought two cars from Michael, a 1999 Infiniti J30 -which he has since sold so he could buy his "newer car" a 1995 Chevy Blazer from Michael again. My brother and Michael hit it off both having an immense passion for cars. Michael went above and beyond in all our encounters to make sure my brother and I received the best car for the best value on the market. I would recommend Michael to all my family and friends looking to buy a quality used car from a honest used car salesman, there is no one better in the Phoenix area! When it comes time for me to say good bye to my beloved 4runner I will be visiting Auto Obsession again for my next car. (Jake bought a Toyota FJ Cruiser from me a few years later, he kept the 4Runner to 225K miles)

Eric Moir from Denver, CO

I recently purchased a Mercedes Wagon sight unseen from Michael at Auto Obsession. I was looking for a specific model (which they had) so I flew in from Denver and picked it up. He met me on Sunday his day off and we got the paper work done in 15 minutes. They had the car priced very competitively and it was in much better condition then was described. My friend who lives in Phoenix gave a ride to the dealership and the first thing we noticed were how nice all the cars were on the lot. I drove my new Benz all the way home to Denver and it was smooth sailing the whole way home. I am very pleased with my pre owned purchase from Auto Obsession and wouldn't hesitate to buy another vehicle from Michael and crew when the time comes for another. A+++++ Thanks again guys!

Ashley Bowley from New River, AZ

My father is a Master Auto Technician in the area and he suggested Auto Obsession to me. I was pleased with the straight-forwardness of the sales team and delighted when we were able to make a deal on an excellent car. I looked at the car on Monday, sorted out financing on Tuesday, and Wednesday, I took the car home with a full tank of gas. The speed of the transaction was excellent considering that I never felt pressured to buy. I would strongly recommend working with Michael (or anyone at Auto Obsession) if you're looking for a fair price and an honest deal on an well maintained car.

Matt Werkhoven from Utah

It was a quick and easy transaction. We purchased a great car for a fair price. Michael picked me up from the airport and I left town with a full tank of gas.

Austin Stafford from Prineville, OR

Nice guys to deal with. Quick and easy buying process.

Greg Smith from Mesa, AZ

My wife and I traveled to North Phoenix to shop for a Ford Focus SVT in May and met with Michael at Auto Obsession to test drive one of his cars. The Focus was in exceptionally good condition and had been very well detailed and maintained, and we were very impressed with the car after test driving it. We spent time visiting with Michael and felt he was a very honest, knowledgeable and fair merchant, and agreed to buy the car on the spot. On our way home, we noticed a bit of a rattle under the hood, and found that there was a problem with the AC unit that no one had noticed before. Even though the AC was not covered by the warranty, Michael found us an excellent car repair shop to fix the problem and paid for nearly the entire repair as well. My wife and I have very high regard for Michael and his company, Auto Obsession, and would recommend this excellent small dealer to anyone interested in buying a top grade used car. All the best to Michael and his great business!

Michael Alzen from CO

Just sold my wrangler that I purchased from these guys about 2 years ago. I flew out from CO to buy it. I was nervous about buying a wrangler with 164k miles, but they were great about working with me remotely to get as much information about the jeep as I could before purchase, picked me up from the airport, and had me on my way back home in a reasonable time. The Jeep was as described and was a great vehicle for me while I owned it. Used cars are always going to be a gamble, but I think they fairly represented what I was buying and that's really all you can ask for with a used car. I would buy from them again if they had what I was looking for, even from Colorado.

Esther Shapiro from Sedona, AZ

Let's just say that this was the most amazing, easiest and smoothest vehicle purchase in my life. Michael was so informative and personable from our first phone call to when we shook hands as I left to drive off with my new Prius. I found the car online and came down from Sedona to Phoenix and would highly recommend working with him. The vehicle was exactly as described, it was missing a nonessential item which he attempted to replace from another vehicle and unfortunately it didn't fit, but he worked enough with me on the price that I was more than satisfied without taking another step. The car was clearly detailed when I arrived yet when I retued with the cashiers check Michael was out there cleaning the few spots that he had seen so I drove off with a car that was impeccable. He will likely be the first place I look in the future when it comes time to buy another vehicle. Thanks Michael! Good luck with Zoe! 😊

William Taylor from Provo, UT

The suburban was the best looking Suburban within 500 miles. I know, because I went and looked at them! The buying process was 30 minutes. 45 minutes if you include the need to go get the cash from the bank. I would highly recommend this dealership for your car needs. My car is high quality and at a great price!

Bill and Maria from Phoenix, AZ

Just bought a Mini Cooper from these guys. I love it! I have never had an easier car buying experience. No pressure and I never felt like I was being lied to just so they could make a sale. I would recommend Auto Obsession.

Kyle F. From Flagstaff, AZ

Got a used Forester from these guys and so far everything has been great. Nothing unexpected with the car and was a smooth transaction overall. Would recommend.

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